About the camp


Kukaburra organizers team consists of eight exclusive personalities and each of them have their own experience of life and each is professional in their own fields. They gathered together in order to take a common challenge – to create unseen camps in Latvia.

Superiors has six years experience in organizing camps and over these years other vision has been developed – the vision about children and young people ideal adventure camp.

All camps are organized according to Cabinet of Ministers requirements no 981 on „Order of children camps organization and activities”.




Age of camp members is between 6-16 years. In Kukaburra it is thought through to make it interesting for both, children and young people.

This summer three Kukaburra camps will take place and each camp program differs with another offer:

  • „Kukaburra” 03.08.2014. - 10.08.2014
  • „Kukaburra” 10.08.2014. - 17.08.2014
  • „Camps will happen in leisure and tourism complex „Meža salas”, Limbaži County. This place was chosen, because it corresponds to camp organization requirements and it has broad, enclosed area, away from the city bustle. Web page: www.mezasalas.lv.




Kukaburra stage – for young talents. We will develop musical, theatrical and stage skills as well as improve our body language skills in dance academy. We will start a rock group, record a song and film a clip. Furthermore we will meet with current Latvian talents.

·      Music classes

·      Dance classes with the choreographers from biggest dance studios in Latvia – JV clubs Dance Studio

·      Improvisation theatre

·      Creation of Rock group

·      Composing songs

·      Filming video clips

·      Debut concert

·      DJ school

·      Artistic classes – painting, drawing

·      New artist exhibition

     Event organization skill development

Kukaburra outdoors adventure – for nature lovers. We will journey to the lake Dziļezers where we will boat ride, create our own geocatching point, develop our map reading and navigation skills out in the wild, in addition there will be scout brilliance school and watch the stars through a telescope as well as build our own wooden branch shack and live in trees!

·      Basics in map reading and orientation in nature

·      Everyday household tool production from natural materials

·      Branch shack building and living in woods

·      Plant recognition and how to use them in life

·      Scout wisdom school

·      “Leave no trace” principle

·      Hike to Dziļezers and swimming with boats

·      Forest survival school


     Outdoor games

Kukaburra science – this is where we will explore science, experiment in our “Crazy Kukaburra lab”, discover new things, create a rocket and launch it, develop a robot and our own mobile application as well as explore the safety of World Wide Web.

·      Robotics classes – how to develop/create a robot and program it

·      Robotic mission execution

·      Experiments in Crazy Kukaburra lab

·      Secrets of earth

·      Astronomy and star exploring with Kukaburra telescope

     21st century world`s biggest problems

Kukaburra multimedia – camp, where we will be the media and develop our own Kukaburra TV, which we will translate on the internet, furthermore our own newspaper will be established, moreover we will deal with animations, take part in kids show and debates, meet with actual media people and enhance our creativity.

·      Kukaburra TV creation and hosting

·      Kuka NEWS paper

·      Animation

·      Phototeaching

·      Modern internet environment

·      Mobile app creation


     Guests from television





We are FOR challenges, because it allows us to dare to do and achieve the target. In the very tense nowadays life rhythm it is important, at the beginning of life, teach to think positively, climb out of comfort zone, begin to perform and believe in self!

Therefore, we have created unprecedented camps in Latvia, where children and young people for a week live through the adventure reality show. Kukaburra is a secret land, only children and young people rules. They run the land, which has its own policies, laws, its own payment method - securities, land belonging ID cards, access to the \"Secret Base\", past stories book. Children and young people creates new work places, choosing what they want to do, creating their first business projects in “Creative Workshops” (e.g. pancake house, a fresh juice bar, precious stones workshop, development of camp magazine, order and security company \"Pranking\", etc.).

Four teams will be living in the camp - \"Burbarti\", \"Damriti\", \"Raji\", \"Mursaji\", each is different, and each has its own coat of arms, uniforms, flag, motto and leader, and has its own base. Every day a \"Big Race\" occurs, during which teams are fighting for points and self-retaining in top position, because every day the top team can choose something for their city, for example, treats, thing or attraction. Throughout the week, each team collects items, which are useful, when the next level has been reached, as well as in \"Grand Finale\" competition. Besides the daily \"Big Race\" every day small trials will take a place, which will be directed to different areas and topics (culture, sports, economy, nature and science, history, etc.).

Since this is a reality show, the entire week will be immortalized in a short movie, also video diaries and voting, where the best participant will be elected, will be filmed.




  • Understanding the importance of team (team spirit, support, unity, fighting spirit, etc.);
  • New friends from all over the Latvia and other countries;
  • Engaged mind, encouraged imagination and creativity;
  • Challenges overcoming and venture;
  • Improved communication skills;
  • Improved physical condition;
  • Sharp, intense feelings;
  • Active and sporty time;
  • Week without a computer, internet and boredom;
  • Leadership development;
  • Dance learning;
  • Meeting with variety vivid and well known Latvian personalities;
  • Diplomas;
  • Photos in digital format;
  • Unforgettable memories, moments and emotions.

Besides these exiting activities we will have daily team activities where each tribe (team) will compete to win the prize of the day. We will all be brought together by 5 delicious meals a day, a thematic party for everyone to celebrate and much more.

What brings all us together:

-       Living in high quality cottages

-       Delicious and healthy meals 5 times a day

-       “Reality game” between four tribes (teams)

-       Water attractions

-       Thematic parties

-       A common race every day

-       A day by the sea with picnic

-       Business and entrepreneurship district – offer of service and goods in Kukaburra land (Open-air cinema with special elements, KukaFest, Bubbleshack and House of Ice cream, Burra store)

-       Tribal clothing (Team T-shirts)

-       Glamping (exclusive LUX tent for the winners of the challenge of the day)

-       Night journey

-       Chill hammock area

-       Checkpoint

-       Individual challenges

-       Sports activities

-       Get-together at bonfire

-       Transport to the sea

-       Organizer and staff work

-       Activities to enhance your creativity, self-esteem, creativity, leadership, sportsmanship

-       Team awareness development (trust, reliance, cohesion)

-       Diplomas, souvenirs

-       Attributes, inventory, office supplies

-       Digital photos in homepage

-       Kukaburra orders and badges

-       Large 3D table game

-       Video diary point


Video reflection in short movie and other surprises!!!!


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